Rev. Elder Diane Fisher

If you were to ask Rev. Elder Diane Fisher to describe herself, she would likely say, “I am a lesbian Christian pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of Rehoboth in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; and I am a mother of a fabulous daughter, Karli, and married to Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos who delights my heart.” Diane is a queer activist, proudly Canadian, who had her daughter with two gay men (Bill and Walter). She is best known within MCC as someone who is passionate about local churches, cares deeply about God, and advocates tirelessly on behalf of young people and the LGBTQI community. She is known internationally as the “lesbian bishop” and for her justice ministry with LGBTQI people, especially in Eastern Europe and Africa. Thanks to her tireless work in Eastern Europe, MCC became identified as the Human Rights Church. Rev. Elder Fisher was presented with MCC’s Human Rights Award in 2010 and has been the recipient of many other National and International Awards for her tireless Human Rights work. She joined the board of Other Sheep in 2013, a Christian international LGBTQI advocacy group. Her passion is working to change systems that encourage or reinforce marginalization of those who have been caught “outside the system.”


If you wish to meet with Rev. Diane, please call her in advance and schedule a time to meet. This will ensure she is available and ready to meet with you.