About MCC

MCC began in 1968 as a small home church to provide a Christian sanctuary for LGBTQ people. Today, we have grown in numbers and purpose, and we are now an international denomination committed to radical inclusivity in all areas. We are a movement that celebrates the diversity of the whole human family and all of creation.

 Following the example of Jesus and empowered by the Spirit, we seek to be a transformational community that demands, proclaims, and does justice in the world. We are a progressive Christian community that worships together in love, respecting the spiritual paths of each of our companions on the journey. Our paths converge in our commitment to justice so that all may thrive.

We believe that what we say is important, but what we do about what we say makes all the difference. We are engaged in our community and our world whether it’s raising money for local agencies that serve those living with HIV/AIDS or feeding  those without adequate food, lobbying our legislators to pass inclusive legislation that protects LGBTQ people from discrimination, or changing a culture of fear and hatred by living our lives out loud in our schools, our workplaces, and our community … MCC is putting feet to our Faith.

We are trying to build a spiritual community that is real, relational, and relevant. Please join us!

For more information on MCC, visit https://mccchurch.org: